Master Phase
Official name Amsen-Ru
Born 600 BC
Affiliation Villain
Status Alive
Gender Male

Amsen-Ru aka Master Phase is a villain in Acentra:Battle with Synester.

Backstory Edit

Amsen-Ru (as he was called in ancient Egypt) was the soul reaper that killed many Egyptian people. In 276 BC, Sowen Priests casted a spell on Amsen-Ru forcing him into a statue of a Sphinx. In 2011, after the temple the statue was in was in was erected,, the statue was taken to a museum in New York. However, while removing the statue out of the truck it was placed in, it was dropped, and Amsen-Ru was released from the statue he was casted into. While attempting to use the portal back to Egypt, the ancient portal gave out, and landed Amsen-Ru into West Ocean City. After realizing he was no longer in 276 BC, Amsen-Ru renamed himself to be Master Phase.